Stupid Deal

Automated response email:

“Deal denied as partner is not Enterprise authorized to sell the chosen products [INSERT PRODUCT FAMILY HERE] as per our Database. However, if you believe you are authorized, please clone a new request with applicable authorization docs/addendums attached in the deal for our reference. If your company is not authorized, please contact your Example Distributor for information regarding the Example Enterprise Product Authorization Program. Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.”

I HATE when I’m denied the ability to sell PRODUCT FAMILY HERE.

Stupid Comma

Me: Okay, I’ve made the new password for our VPN tunnel. The password is:
“correct, horse, battery, staple” (Read as “correct comma space horse comma space battery comma space staple.”)

<twenty minutes of grunting and hold music elapse>

Firewall tech: “The comma key… that’s the one next to the Enter key, right? Or is that the one on the greater than key?”

Me: *facepalm*